Services and Pricing:

All price rates shown below are per visit & vary depending on location and time of walks.

Dog walks, Pet Visits, In Home Boarding, Boarding at our Home and more!

Dog Walks

15 minutes = $14.00(1 dog)-$15.00(2 dogs)- 1 dog or 2 dogs that walk well together(At least 1 Month commitment)

20 minutes = $17.00(1 dog)-$18.00(2 dogs)- 1 or 2 dogs that walk well together(At least 1 Month commitment)

30 minutes = $19.00(1 dog)-$20.00(2 dogs)- 1 or 2 dogs that walk well together(At least 1 Month commitment)

5-10 minutes potty break special= $13


-Two 15 minute walks in one day $13 per 15 minute walk for 1 dog. $14 for 2 dogs, FORMERLY CALLED OUR PUPPY PACKAGE SPECIAL! Works great with new puppies :-)

Feline Visits

Price includes feeding and changing litter and can include playing with and or lots of affection and petting.

Just a visit(includes feeding and changing water and litter) =$10-$12

15 minutes of playtime with visit(includes feeding and changing water and litter)=$12-$14

30 minutes of playtime (includes feeding and changing water and litter)= $15-$18

All other animal visits

Price includes feeding, giving water and or administering medication.

Visit = $15 - $30 depending on time and location

Pet Boarding & Sitting (We offer free pick ups and drop offs for any clients within 10 miles!)

Boarding at our House

This is a wonderful alternative to boarding because your pet will get almost constant attention by loving yet very well trained former Veterinary Technician. Most boarding facilities keep pets locked up 23 hours a day and don't have the trained staff to notice certain health issues all for a very expensive rate. Includes a ton of playtime and 4 walks a day, on top of letting them out to play in our large fenced in yard. if you don't crate your dog at home, neither will we. If your dog sleeps in your bedroom at night, they will be sleeping in our bedroom at night. We like to treat them like they are part of the family during their stay. We also send constant updates with pictures and video.(We offer free pickups and drop offs if your pet stays more than 3 nights. Otherwise we charge $25 per pickup and per drop off)

1 dog Per night = $45-$50 and $35-$45 per extra dog.($50-$55 for high energy and or very geriatric dogs)(Slightly increased fees if staying 2 nights or less)

(Dogs must be well behaved for our at home boarding)

(We have Very Special discounts for our regular dog walking customers!)

Overnight House Sitting

Does your dog(s) or Cat(s) prefer to stay at home? Does travel make them anxious? Would you like someone to stay and care for them while you're gone? Some dogs and cats get anxious leaving the familiar surroundings of your home. We understand that so we provide overnight housesitting to keep your furry loved ones company if you would like to leave town. Overnight stays are generally done by our insured and very reliable staff. We are fully licensed, insured and trustworthy to stay in your home. Feel free to ask us for references and we will happily provide them. We've had hundreds of happy clients and plan on having more for years to come. We also guarantee to keep the same routine that you normally have set for your pets.

Per night= $65 for 1 pet. $25 per additional dog and $15 per additional cat. For 2 or less nights it is $75 per night and $25 per additional dog.

Pet Sitting visits for non regular customers

Do you only need a few visits a day while you're gone? Visit and walk dog/dogs per visit, per day (includes 20 min walk or visit, feeding, meds etc.) However, some prices may vary depending on location. 

Feline visits= $20(up to two cats) $5 per additional cat after 2 cats

Canine visits= $20(up to two dogs) $5 per additional dog after 2 dogs

An additional 10 minutes can be added at $5 per 10 minutes.

(There will be an additional charge of $5 for holidays and holiday weeks or weekends)

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8:00AM -5PM

Sat: 9AM- 4PM

Sun: 10AM-3PM

Office number :(703)656-1983

Please feel free to leave a message with us

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